Enjoy the Max and Moritz Railway

With Draisines (hand cars)


Welcome to one of the most exiting draisine railways in Germany!


In contrast to many other railway lines you are able to ride over 5 viaducts and though 1 tunnel in the long term.


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The Name „Max and Moritz Railway“

The name results from the transport of iron ore from the Schmiedefeld mines to the Max blast furnace in Unterwellenborn and the delivery of material to the porcelain factory Moritz in Schmiedefeld




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Opening of the first section Probstzella -Taubenbach on the 15.10.1898

Opening of the second section Taubenbach -Wallendorf on the 18.01.1899

Opening of the third section Wallendorf - Ernstthal on the 01.11.1913



Closing down of the railway line on the 22.1.1997


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The railway line is 23km long and has five viaducts with a height of up to 31m and a length of up to 258m. It starts at the railway station Probstzella via  Zopten, Gräfenthal, Gebersdorf, Lippelsdorf, Schmiedefeld (Taubenbach), Lichte-Ost, Lichte and ends in Ernstthal.



Back to live

In 2006 the owner of Wespenstein castle in Gräfenthal bought the first bicycle draisine.


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The railway line was cleaned from trees in 2008 with the help of many fire brigades.



Important dates

The motor-draisines can be booked via telephone, see section „contacts” below. Tours start every Saturday or on request. For large groups with more than 15 participants we will organize draisine tours as well on request. No bicycle draisines are available any more.



Location of railway line, prices and number of persons


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The Railway tours start at Schmiedefeld railway station near Gräfenthal. Please note that there are 2 Schmiedefelds: the right postal code is 98739.

Draisines are available for up to 60 persons (motor).


You will start with the draisine riding down the hills to the railway station of Lichte-Ost. Enjoy the overwhelming view from the big viaducts of Lichte and Finsterer Grund. After the arrivel at the second viaduct enjoy the ride back to the Schmiedefeld railway station.


The tour will take approximately two to three hours.



All tours are organized by the “Max und Moritz Förderverein” and are at your own risk. The Verein is not liable for any possible damages.


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Phone.:  0049 163 18 61 492  (Herr Bartsch)


Gräfenthal is situated in Thuringia south of Saalfeld between Reichmannsdorf (B281) and Probstzella (B85).


!!! Special offer !!!


All tours can be combined with Wespenstein castle (hotel, guided tour, knight meal).


Additionally we offer: guided nature walks, border museum east/west, Old mine Morassina, Quad tours, porcellain museum, blacksmith.


!!! Please ask for details !!!

Gereral conditions of use:

All trips are organized by the association of friends of Max and Moritz train.
• No liability is taken by the association. All participants are on their own risk - especially for personal injury.
• In case of damage to the track cars, the driver is fully liable.
• It is prescribed slow pace. At too high speed, there is danger of derailment.
• The crossing with the main road 281 may be crossed only at the instruction of a member of the association.
• Before crossing with pedestrian crossings in the forest is has to be stopped.
• Standing up while driving is prohibited.
• On all bridges is prohibited to leave the track cars.
• Between two track cars a minimum distance of 50 meters has to be kept.
• At stations: stop in front of each switch, descend, push on the switch, then rise again.
• There is a smoking and alcohol ban on all track cars.
• The trip fees must be paid before the trip and will not be refunded.
• With the start of the journey all the conditions are accepted.




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